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Traditional Braces

For younger patients and those patients with extreme crowding, spacing, or misaligned teeth, traditional braces are still the most common choice for tooth straightening. Braces can correct the most crooked smile and achieve the correct bite.

The Most Effective Solution for Severely Misaligned Teeth

While fast, discreet orthodontic options now exist, they often are not suitable for patients who are very young and already need orthodontic treatment, or adults who have serious misalignment of their teeth. Traditional braces are proven to permanently correct tooth alignment and create stable arches in the upper and lower jaw.

The Traditional Braces Process

Traditional braces treatment consists of five basic steps.

  1. A consultation with the dentist will determine if you are a good candidate for traditional braces, or if you would benefit more from another form of orthodontic treatment.
  2. X-rays and impressions will be taken to determine the current placement of teeth and where non-erupted teeth are positioned.
  3. The brackets will be carefully placed on the teeth and the wires installed and tightened to the precise tension required to achieve movement without undue discomfort.
  4. Every 6-10 weeks, you will visit New Horizons for the dentist to check on your progress.
  5. Once the desired alignment is reached the braces will be removed and a customized retainer provided which should be worn as directed by your dentist.

Results of Traditional Braces

The treatment of full arches of teeth takes longer than other forms of orthodontic treatment, but provides longer lasting results and a smile that is both functional and brilliant. Your teeth, when in proper alignment, support each other and issues like jaw pain caused by an incorrect bite can often be corrected.

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