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Dental Fillings

Our practice is mercury free. We can replace old, worn metal fillings with tooth colored restorations that won't crack or become discolored as is common with older, amalgam fillings. Bad fillings are a common cause of tooth pain and sensitivity.

What is a Dental Filling?

Most traditional fillings that were placed in the mouths of dental patients over the age of 35 were an amalgam of mercury and silver. These metal fillings are prone to crack or break; shrink and expand over time; allow bacteria to enter between the filling and tooth causing additional decay; or permit mercury to escape, causing staining of the teeth and gums.

Mercury Free Fillings

Our mercury free office provides modern, tooth colored fillings created from a strong, sterile composite that can be used to fill cavities and replace old fillings. Tooth-colored fillings made of a strong composite material have many benefits, including:

Dental fillings can often be done on the spot for small cavities detected during your routine dental appointment. For more extensive fillings or replacement of old mercury fillings, a separate appointment may need to be made.

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