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Instant Orthodontics

Want your smile to look fantastic for that special event, but don’t have months to wait on orthodontia to take effect? Instant orthodontics allows your smile to be corrected immediately, for a great smile on demand.

What is “Instant Orthodontics”?

With instant orthodontics, composite material is placed over crooked teeth and fills gaps to create the symmetry of a beautiful smile. The actual teeth are not realigned; instead, the procedure is purely cosmetic. Most people choose instant orthodontics specifically to create a stunning smile ahead of a special life event, such as a graduation, wedding, or reunion.

How Long Will Instant Orthodontics Last?

Similar to cosmetic bonding, instant orthodontics will generally last only 3-5 years at the outside, due to the composite material not being as strong as natural tooth enamel. The composite will eventually separate from the faces of the teeth.

What are Alternatives to Instant Orthodontics?

For cosmetic dentistry cases, we utilize various types of rapid result orthodontics including Invisalign. We also offer traditional braces for children and adults to correct severe bite issues, and porcelain veneers to correct minor visual orthodontic issues (such as slight gaps or overlapping teeth) without braces.

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