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Linda makes it her goal to successfully oversee the daily management of the hygiene scheduling. She’ll also take calls to help in the managing patient accounts when needed, schedule patient appointments, and help with answering any questions or addressing any concerns that patients may have.

Linda was born in Brooklyn, NY, but through the Air Force her father was transferred to Kansas for Air Traffic Control and she has lived here ever since. Linda has taken multiple dental training courses, and now has 10 years of experience with the industry. “The teamwork that takes place in our office is amazing,” she says. “We all have one goal, and that is to see our patients happy and put them first. I have a drive to accomplish my daily goals that I set for myself!”

Linda says she wants to please people and especially her patients. ““Dentistry is truly an important part of your overall health care,” she says. “I love to see patients who come to us and don't think it is possible for them to have beautiful teeth, and when we are done with their treatment, they walk out of here with a beautiful healthy smile and can eat whatever they want to again!”