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Sometimes teeth don’t come in perfectly straight which can lead to cosmetic issues as well as bite incompatibilities that can cause additional problems. We provide orthodontic care for children and adults for straighter, more functional smiles.


The number one choice for adults and teens, Invisalign® provides a tooth straightening experience that is discreet, comfortable, and fast. The clear plastic shields gently correct tooth alignment without wires or metal. Learn more.

Traditional Braces

For younger patients and those patients with extreme crowding, spacing, or misaligned teeth, traditional braces are still the most common choice for tooth straightening. Braces can correct the most crooked smile and achieve the correct bite. Learn more.

Instant Orthodontics

When a fast, cosmetic solution is desired, instant orthodontics uses natural colored composite material to fill gaps and correct visual imperfections quickly. It’s a great solution for situations that don’t allow time for braces to take effect. Learn more.

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