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What are Teeth-In-A-Day?


Teeth-In-A-Day allow patients who are having teeth extracted to have their implants placed the same day and restorations done immediately. This has multiple benefits: shortening treatment time, preventing bone loss around the extraction sockets, and eliminating time spent without teeth.

Candidates for Teeth-in-a-Day

Patients who are in immediate danger of losing their teeth, or who have been affected by sudden tooth loss, are good candidates for the Teeth-in-a-Day procedure. This option is suitable for patients who are seeking:

The Immediate Load Implant Process

Unlike traditional dental implants, which must be placed and then left undisturbed for about six months while osseointegration to take place, Teeth-In-A-Day allows patients to have implants placed and restorations begun the same day, even immediately after a tooth extraction.

Teeth-in-a-Day Benefits

Patients who receive Teeth-In-A-Day find that they have:

This dental implant procedure is especially attractive to patients undergoing multiple tooth extractions or who have just lost a number of teeth due to trauma or an accident.

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